Ways To Give

Once our open space is developed, our rural heritage will be lost forever.

Yolo Land Trust works hard to preserve land and ensure that public policies will continue to protect the landscapes we all love. Please help us ensure that Yolo County will remain as it is today for future generations.


Maybe you’ve lived in Yolo County all your life. Or, maybe you were transplanted here through a job, education, marriage or the love of the open spaces and small towns and the feeling of a slower pace of life.

Whatever the reason, you’re home now. And the future of Yolo County is in your hands. By supporting the Yolo Land Trust, you help ensure that the lands that give you a sense of place—a feeling of home—are not developed, but preserved forever.


Donate Now

Join thousands of others who support the Yolo Land Trust’s efforts to protect the bountiful and irreplaceable resources of Yolo County. You can donate:

  1. By mail: Print out the (Donate by Mail Form), fill it out and mail it to the address provided.
  2. Online: Save time and a stamp! (Donate Now)


Sign up for the Scrip Program and shop at Nugget Markets to make an effortless donation to YLT. It’s just as easy at AmazonSmile. Please click the links below to learn more.

Nugget Market          Amazon Smile


Yolo Land Trust has been fortunate to partner with many local businesses that support its efforts to conserve land and preserve our rural heritage. Please call the office at 530.662.1110  if you are interested in sponsoring one of YLT’s fundraising events, or wish to donate directly Click to Sponsor now.

Attend an Event

This is the most fun way to support Yolo Land Trust! Please attend YLT’s fundraising event, A Day in the Country and enjoy food, beer, wine and music in an outstanding venue. Mingle with your community—farmers, ranchers, restaurateurs, brewers, vintners and fellow supporters. Click to learn more.

Legacy Giving

Make farmland and habitat conservation in Yolo County a vital part of your own legacy by participating in Yolo Land Trust’s Planned Giving Program. It is easy to do and helps ensure your heirs will continue to enjoy Yolo County’s rural heritage. See (Planned Gifts).

Gifts of Stock

A gift of stock, mutual funds or bonds is an attractive way to make a donation to Yolo Land Trust. Learn about it here (Gifts of Stock).

Lend Your Voice

Pay attention to local land use matters in your area, learn more about land use decision making, attend public meetings, and speak about the importance of conserving Yolo County’s rural heritage. Write letters, send emails or make phone calls to your councilmembers, supervisors, legislators, Representatives and Senators and let them know how strongly you feel about protecting the farm, habitat and open space lands of Yolo County. It all helps make a difference!


If you have time, or specific skills, to offer to Yolo Land Trust, we’d love to know! As a small organization, there are several times a year when we need extra hands on deck. Call 530.662.1110 and we will find a way for you to help.

Thank You for your Generous Support!