Conservation Easements

What is a Conservation Easement?

Yolo Land Trust (YLT) works with landowners interested in protecting their land from development. As a nonprofit land trust, YLT can help by:

  • Purchasing the property outright
  • Buying only the development rights
  • Accepting donations of property
  • Arranging a conservation easement

Conservation easements are legal voluntary agreements between a landowner and a nonprofit organization, such as YLT, in which the landowner agrees to restrict the use of the land to farming, ranching or habitat shelter in order to protect the land’s conservation values. Landowners continue to own, manage and operate the land, and pay property taxes, but its use is restricted to the landowner’s wishes.  View our Guide to Agricultural Easements Information

Why should you consider a Conservation Easement for your property?

You are the owner and steward of your land, and have built your legacy in a place you cherish. If you want to preserve your property for future generations and do not want it to be subdivided and developed, but want to continue to own, manage and operate your land, a conservation easement may be your best avenue. It is also a great way to show you love Yolo County, and want to help preserve its rural and agricultural character.

A Conservation Easement can provide you with:

  • Significant income tax reductions
  • Significant estate tax credits
  • Peace of mind that your property will be preserved and used the way you wish for all time
  • A land trust property monitor to ensure that your wishes for the land are forever fulfilled

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