A Day In The Country

On Sunday, September 10, 2017 over 500 guests gathered at The Maples in Woodland to enjoy mouth-watering dishes created from the bounty of Yolo County.

Thank You to all of our supporters for another great Day in the Country!



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Durst Organic Growers

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Paul Simmons & Michele Clark


A. Teichert & Son, Inc.

Adams Grain Company

Bogle Vineyards & Winery

Brady & Vinding

Clark Pacific

Todd A. Montgomery, CPA

Joe Muller & Sons

Pacific Coast Producers

Somach, Simmons & Dunn

TS&L Seed Company

Wildlands Inc.


John & Marsha Anderson

Barger Keasy Farms

California Rice Commission

Central Valley Farmland Trust

Churchwell White LLP

Davis Food Co-op

Davis Waste Removal

Paul & Annalisa Deering

Dixon Ridge Farms

Linda Elliott

Gardner, Janes, Nakken, Hugo & Nolan

Genovese Burford & Brothers

Harlan Family Ranch

Michael Hopper & Virginia Pier

Johnston, Martin & Montgomery LLP

Knaggs Ranch, LLC

Longview Ranch

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants

Herb & Lynnel Pollock

Rominger Brothers Farms, Inc.

Richard & Evelyne Rominger

Chris & Kaitlin Sinclair

Kathryn Smith

Stoel Rives LLP

Helen & Cap Thomson

Charles & Kathryn Tyson

Kathy Ward & Harold Crawford II

Mary-Ann Warmerdam and Rob Falconer

West Yost Associates Inc.

Westervelt Ecological Services

Woodside Electronics Corp.


Roy Bellhorn & Margaret Burns

Kristen & Alan Bennett

Casey Walsh Cady & Mark Cady

California Rangeland Trust

Capay Canyon Ranch

Carbahal & Company

Chamberlain Farms

Bruce & Judith Clark

Consero Solutions

Mayor Robb Davis

Lester & Mary De Wall

Val Dolcini & Solveig Monson

Farm Fresh to You/Capay Organic

Farm and Ranch Realty

Lucas & Stacie Frerichs

Brad Hall & Jo An Campbell

Harrison, Temblador, Hungerford & Johnson

Hedgerow Farms

Ralph Holsclaw

Holt of California


Laugenour & Meikle

Nancy & Robert Lea

Martha Lennihan & Paul Thayer

Craig & Julie McNamara

Greg & Patty Merwin

Jennifer Lester Moffitt & Greg Moffitt

The Morning Star Company

Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld LLP

Natural Resources Group, Inc.

Nugget Markets

Supervisor Jim Provenza

Putah Creek Farming Co.

Remy Moose Manley, LLP

Michael Rogers & Pam Marrone

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op Inc.

Tom Scharffenberger & Vicky Simonds

Chris Scheuring & Lisa Sullivan

Dave Scheuring

Alvin & Sandy Sokolow

Tom & Meg Stallard

Cass Sylvia

Tri Counties Bank

Shane Tucker & Marsha Baird

Kara Ueda

Neal Van Alfen & Pam Kazmierczak

Wild West Payroll Services

Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph Insurance Services

Special thanks to WJUSD for the donation of shuttle buses

Photos courtesy of Kenny Calhoun